The City of Regina is continuing to look at the possibility of making pay-by-phone available for parking in the city.

The idea of installing mobile pay options will be presented to a city committee on Thursday.

One of the options would allow customers to put their credit card information and plate information into a smartphone app. They could then validate parking without actually depositing coins into the metre. That information would then be uploaded to the enforcement officers.

"A lot of what I hear is people are willing to come downtown and pay for it. But sometimes the meters aren't working or they don't have any coins on them. And that's the challenge,” Veresuk said.

The two hour limit would still apply, meaning users could not just update their parking to stay all day long.

Operating costs for the technology would be about $100,000.

"The city has the option to absorb that convenience fee or pass it on to the customers,” City of Regina parking manager Faisal Kalim said.

Current meters would stay put, allowing people to still use coins if they want

"There are users that don't have smart phones, there's users that may not have data to their smartphones if they're from out of town or out of country,” Kalim said.

The administration is recommending council consider funding it as a part of the 2019 budget.