REGINA -- The City of Regina is looking to protect transit bus drivers – not only from COVID-19, but from some passengers as well.

Executive committee is recommending city council approve an application for funding to install bus operator driver shields.

Mayor Sandra Masters said vinyl sheets are currently in place to protect drivers from COVID-19, but plexiglass would provide them with more safety and security.

“Essentially it's to protect the bus drivers while they're on shift, from not just from COVID but for their personal safety as well,” said Masters. “We've had some incidents of contact with our bus drivers and we're interested in protecting them.”

The upgrade would cost around $2.5 million in total. The city would contribute around $680,000, with the rest of the funding coming from the Canada Infrastructure Program.

The city is also looking into securing non-contact accessibility lifts for 80 of the 120 city buses. The lifts would allow passengers with accessibility limitations to get into the bus without the help of the driver. This modification would be included in the $2.5 million funding.