REGINA -- The ridges of ice and snow leftover from City of Regina plows in residential areas have caused many streets to become narrower, and some drivers are blocked in the spot they parked in.

The City said due to budget constraints, it plows residential streets and does not remove the leftover ridge.

“The City doesn’t currently have the budget or the resources available to remove snow off those types of roads,” Chris Warren, Director of Roadways and Transportation, said.

From Jan. 26 to Feb. 1, Regina City crews have plowed 58 per cent of the approximately 500 kilometres of residential roads.

Warren said the work is done between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily until it’s complete. He said if vehicles are moved in time the leftover ridge can be more consistent along the parking lane rather than extending into the driving lane, and suggests people share their driveways in order to get the road clear enough in time.

“Normally we wouldn’t go back and remove the snow in our residential roads unless there was a situation where the road is blocked or inaccessible,” Warren said.

Anyone living in residential areas not done yet is asked to not park on the road when their area is scheduled to be plowed.

“If that’s not something that they can do very easily then as crews encounter parked cars they will plow around,” Warren said.

Drivers that don’t park far enough over can face a ticket. Warren said it is often a case by case basis.

“We would work with our internal folks to determine where that might be required,” Warren said.

City crews are expected to wrap up the road cleanup on Friday. A full schedule can be found online.