The city is looking at bringing in stricter rules for massage parlours in Regina.

A regulation proposed at an executive committee meeting is designed to a safer environment for both employees and customers, along with better enforcement.

The regulations are focused on businesses operating as fronts for prostitution. Two options were presented at the meeting on Wednesday, with both options suggesting changing the business names from massage parlours to body rub parlour. The change is supposed to make it easier to tell the difference between the two.

One option focuses on increased enforcement and a change to a zoning bylaw, giving neighbourhoods and areas around the parlours more protection. The other option proposes increased protection for employees and customers through a licencing system.

The idea of completely banning massage parlours was also proposed. However, police say they believe it’s safer to regulate them rather than turning a blind eye.

The cost of the proposed change will be available once the recommendations are presented to city council.

The city says it’s a lot to consider, but agrees that something needs to change, especially since the number of parlours has increased over the past few years.

It will be presented to council on Dec. 17 and then will go out for public consultation.