The City of Regina has approved a plan to pay tribute to deceased First Nations elder.

At the council meeting on Monday night, the city unanimously approved a plan to name a major new roadway in southeast Regina Anaquod Road, in honour of Glen Anaquod.

Anaquod is best known for his work in bringing first nations' culture and traditions to the University of Regina, including the annual tipi building competition also named in his honour.

It wasn’t just road names that were on the agenda though; road construction was also a hot topic.

City administrators agreed to add two more road repair projects to the 2017 construction schedule after two councilors expressed outrage that their neighbourhoods had been overlooked.

Ward seven councilor Sharon Bryce and ward four councilor Lori Besciani noted that none of the streets on the city’s construction list were in their wards, so City Manager Chris Holden pledged to ensure that all ten wards see some road repairs each year in the future.