Legalization of marijuana is just over two weeks away and the clock is ticking for stores in Regina license to sell pot.

The province handed out six licenses to stores in Regina. While the owners are trying to get ready for the legalization date, one pot shop says they might not be ready in time.

Wiid Boutique hopes to be open for Oct. 17, but the one of owners says the process has been slow. Landyn Uhersky is one of six co-owners of the shop in south Regina. His family was selected in the province’s random lottery for a permit and they were notified on June 1. Shortly after, the ownership group contacted a strip mall on south Albert Street to put a property on hold for their shop.

But, the group had to wait for city council to approve its final pot store bylaws, and that didn’t happen until Aug. 27. After that, council needed to approve the store’s location. Construction couldn’t begin on the space until Sept. 1.

After construction, Uhersky says the store still needs to be approved by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority to receive a permit.

“The people have been great to deal with,” he said. “Being that it’s a new industry, nobody really knows what’s going on. So, everybody’s learning at the same time, we’re learning from them, they’re learning from us. Everybody is in this together. We really wanted to go forward, but we understand that the process does take time.”

Another permit holder told CTV News they aren’t sure they will be open by Oct. 17.

Wiid Boutique plans to be open by the legalization date, but may need to postpone its grand opening by a week.

With files from CTV Regina's Creeson Agecoutay