A close call with a pedestrian caught on dash camera has sparked a conversation about jaywalking in the Queen City.

The video shows two pedestrians jaywalking in south Regina. The first person clears the road, but the second person only becomes visible when the driver is metres away. The driver was able to avoid the pedestrian.

There are currently no bylaws explicitly against jaywalking in the Queen City. But, there are fines starting at $50 for obstruction of traffic.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance says most pedestrian collisions happen in the late afternoon to early evening – especially between 4 and 5 p.m.

“We always encourage pedestrians to cross at intersections, cross at crosswalks, always make sure they take the steps to ensure their own safety,” said Tyler McMurchy with SGI. “In a collision between a pedestrian and vehicle, the pedestrian always loses.”

There were 276 people injured in collisions in Regina in 2016 – and 16 people were killed. Regina police say pedestrian action was a contributing factor in four of those fatal collisions.

“There are any number of questions that an investigator should ask and try to answer to come to an appropriate conclusion about an accident, so every investigation is different,” Elizabeth Popowich with the Regina Police Service said.

The pedestrian in the video wasn’t crossing at an intersection, meaning the driver had the right of way.

But, the incident serves as a reminder that exercising caution is in everyone’s best interest.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Josh Diaz