REGINA -- Court heard the closing arguments from the crown and defence in a second-degree murder trial of a Regina boy on Monday.

The boy accused was 15-years-old at the time of the incident and can not be named under the youth criminal justice act. He’s accused of killing 16-year-old Erica Hill at a party in October 2018.

On Friday, the defence took more than two hours to make its closing arguments. The defence argued the accused could have been acting in self-defence, adding there’s a possibility that someone else from the party could have hurt Hill.

In the afternoon, the crown argued the accused intentionally killed Erica Hill. The crown said a knife given to police had Hill’s blood on it.

“This knife has her blood on it. That is a scientific fact,” crown prosecutor Chris White said.

The crown said the same knife was found in a jacket found by police.

The crown argued the jury needs to consider the accused’s conduct after Hill was hurt. It said the accused tried to distance himself from the jacket by leaving it in a witness’s bag.

“What other reason could there be for him to get rid of that stuff so soon after,” White said.

The crown said most of the accused’s evidence was preposterous and he conveniently forgets events from the night.

The crown added the accused was not acting in self defence and had the opportunity to leave the fight with Hill, but refused to let it go.

“Self defence has no application in this case,” White said. “His attack was targeted, that’s why he came downstairs to confront Erica. That’s why he refused to let it go.”

The crown said the accused is the common denominator in the evening, and he was the only person who admitted to hitting hill.

The crown said the accused could remember what he drank and when he drank it, so he could not have been too drunk to remember what happened.

The judge is expected to charge the jury on Tuesday morning.