Closing arguments were presented on Wednesday in the second-degree murder trial of Tia Pinacie-Littlechief.

Pinacie-Littlechief is charged in the stabbing death of Justin Crowe. Crowe was found dead in a home on the Piapot First Nation in October of 2015.

The defence attorney told the jury that Crowe’s death was not a murder, but instead a brave act. Defence attorney Ian McKay said Pinacie-Littlechief showed “courage to protect herself and her young cousin from the violence of a man she had just met.” McKay was also critical of police investigators, saying they didn’t test blood and hair samples found at the scene.

Crown prosecutor Mitchell Miller told court that Pinacie-Littlechief was making up stories of “fear and violence” on the night Crowe died. Miller added that Pinacie-Littlechief’s story doesn’t match the evidence presented to court and that Crowe did not attack her and her cousin. Finally, Miller said stabbing Crowe was not an appropriate response to the situation on the night of Crowe’s death.

The judge will charge the jury on Thursday morning.