The Canadian National Railway (CN) has announced plans to invest $185 million in Saskatchewan in 2022, which includes plans to upgrade some rail infrastructure in the province.

The investment will include technology, capacity, rolling stock units, company-wide de-carbonization initiatives and network improvements, a news release said.

CN said the investments will, “power sustainable growth and ensure the continued safe movement of goods in Saskatchewan and everywhere on CN’s transcontinental network.”

Maintenance program highlights include replacing 25 miles of rail, rebuilding 23 road crossing services and working on bridges, culverts, signal systems and other track infrastructure, according to CN.

“At a time when the resilience of our supply chains is more important than ever, investing in our rail transportation system ensures essential goods can reach Canadians on time,” CN executive vice-president, corporate services and chief legal officer Sean Finn said in a release.

“Railways play an important role in growing our economy, and I am pleased to see CN taking this important step to strengthen our rail networks.”

Approximately 1,030 CN employees are located in Saskatchewan with nearly 2,000 railroad route miles in operation.