REGINA -- A Regina condo development is looking to help improve social interaction for its residents, through a “co-housing” design.

Lois Adams, a resident in the 21-unit development, said the design gives her a community to interact with just outside her door.

"It's geared toward living in community, people that want to live with other people and get to know their neighbours," said Adams.

Sharing life with your neighbors is a concept developed in Denmark. There are about a dozen co-housing developments in Canada, mostly in British Columbia. The idea has spread across the prairies and is moving into the planning stages in Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax.

"Living in co-housing is a lot like living in a small town. I started out in a small town and curiously I think I'm kind of back there," said Ruth Blaser, another resident in the development.

The unites tend to be smaller to limit their carbon footprint, but with a large common area for pot luck suppers and social gatherings.

'We have a highly energy efficient building. We're going to be planting trees and gardens,” said Blaser.

The cooperative housing developments methods make the units more affordable for people. At Regina’s new Prairie Spruce Co-Housing, the few remaining units range in price from $200,000 for the mini penthouse, to $300,000 for a one bedroom loft.