Within the last few years Regina’s downtown gained parking meters that accept both coin and card, but with the card function no longer working, some residents have been avoiding the downtown area altogether.

"I don't always have change on me so i don't have cash a lot of the time but i have my credit card," one driver said.

Right now the only way one can use downtown parking meters is by carrying change. At one time you credit cards were accepted; however that feature has since been disabled.

In a statement the city said the credit card functionality was removed back in August of last year, but the city is working towards a new system.

Councillor Andrew Stevens, whose ward includes downtown, said a potential digital solution is in the works.

"We have an app based system that's pending,” Stevens said. “I'm hoping to see that operational as soon as possible, that is something that has been approved."

He said until that solution is rolled out, it makes the most sense to leave the meters as they are. Stevens admits it isn't ideal, but said they still accept coins like every other meter in the city.

"Once we have a more advanced technology to deal with payment systems, we'll pursue that,” he said. “There's no point replacing them with simple meters until we have some sight on what we're going to do for the next year or five years."

The city said the pay by phone app will work at all parking meters in the city, once it's available. It's expected to go before council sometime in June.

For now the best bet for parking is still pocket change.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Cole Davenport.