A graphic dash cam video that shows a vehicle colliding with a motorcyclist in Regina, is serving as an important reminder for drivers heading into the warmer months.

“Watch out for the motorcycles. They're out there,” said Gayle, a Regina motorcyclist.

Gayle has been riding motorcycles for nearly 40 years. While she had not seen the footage of the Regina collision, she said she has been involved in her fair share of close calls, and had one serious collision.

“(The driver) cut right in front of me, and I centre-punched his passenger door, hit the car, flew up over the car and landed on the other side,” she said.

That crash didn’t stop Gayle from riding again. But, she always takes precautions to ensure other drivers notice her.

“You really have to watch for the vehicles and don't stay in a blind spot for anybody,” Gayle said. “And loud pipes on a bike, you know the old saying, it's loud pipes save lives.”

According to SGI, there were 139 collisions involving a motorcycle, moped, or power cycle in 2017, resulting in 85 injuries and three deaths. SGI media relations manager, Tyler McMurchy, said motorcycles should always wear proper gear to protect themselves, if they do happen to get into a collision.

“Of course, a helmet (and) eye protection is mandatory. Other protective clothing that offers protection like gloves boots, jackets,” McMurchy said.

McMurchy said all motorcyclists, new or experienced, should take a safety course before hitting the road. He added that other drivers should also be on the lookout for bikes at all times.

“Be cautious when you're approaching intersections,” McMurchy said. “Look and then look again, especially when you're making that left-hand turn, because there might be a motorcyclist coming through that intersection, that may have been hidden by the other traffic.”

The driver of the motorcycle in the dashcam video suffered minor injuries, and was released from hospital several hours later.