Producers in Saskatchewan have started combining, and two per cent of the province’s crops are swathed or ready to straight cut.

The province’s weekly crop report shows one per cent of crops have been combined, which is the five-year average for this time of year. The report says crop yields have been average or well-below average.

Harvest is most advanced in the southern part of Saskatchewan. Most producers in central and northern Saskatchewan plan to be on their fields in the coming weeks.

Scattered rainfall in the province was good for restoring moisture in some areas. However, it may be too late to replenish the soil in the south, where crops are drying out. The majority of crops are in good condition, but later seeded crops will need rain to help with growth.

According to the crop report, 55 per cent of fall rye, 15 per cent of winter wheat, eight per cent of field peas and seven per cent of lentils are in the bin. One per cent of canola has also been swathed.

Hay yields are below average in the province.

Crop damage was caused by dry conditions, strong wind and high temperatures this week. Cabri and Leader also received hail, which caused severe crop damage.