REGINA -- The Friends of Wascana Pool group is concerned the design concept released last week is moving away from what made the pool special.

"It was a pool that served families, sports groups, swimmers, leisure walkers, people that have mobility issues, the elderly, it was the perfect, perfect pool,” Karen Rose with the Friends of Wascana Pool group said.

Rose used the pool every day in the summer for the past four years and doesn't feel the design fits the needs of the community.

"They want to build a water slide and because of that water slide, they want to destroy trees and parkland, if they would just keep the pool the way it was and enhance it, we wouldn't be having this issue,” Rose said.

The design concept released by the City of Regina was put together after a year of public consultation.

It features a sports specific pool for lane swimming as well as a separate leisure pool with a lazy river and water slides, which over 70 per cent of survey respondents indicated they wanted.

The Friends of Wascana Pool feel only a 50 metre pool is necessary, which is an option in the presentation prepared by City Administration for the Executive Committee.

As well as an option with a 50 metre pool and leisure pool, which is projected to cost $4.5 million more than the project's $15 million budget.

"There's a lot of other options for water parks, it doesn't need to be here with all the bells and whistles in the middle of this super beautiful, super peaceful park,” Julie Rutledge from the Friends of Wascana Pool group said.

Residents are also concerned the designs would require the removal of at least 63 more trees from Wascana Park.

The design hasn't been finalized yet and will be presented to executive committee on Wednesday. The Friends of Wascana Pool plan on being there to present their views as well.