REGINA -- Conexus Credit Union is preparing to open the doors of its new head office building in Wascana Park later this month.

The company will welcome staff and the public into the College Avenue location on July 20.

The credit union obtained permission to build the headquarters, in return for an $8.25 million donation to the University of Regina’s Darke Hall restoration campaign. The two buildings will share common space open to the public.

“The rest of the main floor is shared space for the community including a cafe and amenities for people using the park, a place to park your bike and fill up your water bottle and public restrooms,” Eric Dillon, the CEO of Conexus Credit Union, said.

The office has an open concept where everyone, including the CEO, shares table space. There are no offices, but staff can duck into booths for a private conversation or phone call.

The building will also offer training space for budding entrepreneurs and a public restaurant called Slice, operated by Aimee Schulhauser from Tangerine.

“It is important serve not only the people in our building but the community at large to have a draw within the park,” said Schulhauser.

The group that was opposed to this project said it still disagrees with businesses located in Wascana Park. While this one is a done deal, the organization will focus future efforts on preventing more from being built nearby.