REGINA -- A resident living east of Regina was out for a walk on Monday when they discovered a deer carcass that had been left behind by suspected poachers.

The resident said the carcass was found near Range Road 2180.

The Ministry of Environment’s Conservation Officers are now looking into the case.

Darrell Crabbe with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation says calling Conservation Officers as quickly as possible can help them catch poachers.

“If they can get to the scene on time, there’s lots of evidence that they can pick up on that particular crime that they can potentially link to somebody, if not now, maybe at a later date,” Crabbe said.

Poaching is common across Saskatchewan with thousands of calls every year coming into the ‘Turn in Poachers’ line.

“Every year the TIP line receives 1,400 calls, these can be related to not just wildlife, but also fisheries, forestry and environmental related calls,” Sgt. Daryl Minter with the Conservation Officer Service said.

Over fishing and hunting out of season are the most common occurrences of poaching, but Minter says a situation like this week’s near Regina also falls under the poaching laws.

“Some times if there’s been poaching activity going on in the area, they may have heard the shots or they may find crows, magpies, ravens that are out in the field where they aren’t normally and it might be an indication that there’s something dead in the field or the remains of something that was harvested in the field,” Minter said.

If you see anything suspicious or suspect poaching on your land, you’re asked to call the ‘Turn in Poachers’ line at 1-800-667-7561.