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'Cool to be a part of it': Regina company assisting NHL team through Stanley Cup run


A Regina-based company that uses cold water immersion is assisting the Edmonton Oilers through their Stanley Cup Final run.

Co-founder Adam Swanson helped start Kryo Cold Water Therapy just over a year ago. He said he takes a cold water dip every day. 

“It’s become borderline an addiction,” Swanson told CTV News.

Many sports scientists say cold water immersion may increase blood flow, reduce muscle inflammation and improve recovery time for high-performance athletes.

However, Swanson said some often face the issue of portability.

“I was shocked a lot of them aren’t travelling with cold water therapy tubs,” he said. “[They’re] going to hotels and fill up the bath with buckets and buckets of ice.”

So Swanson made his tubs able to be set up anywhere.

“Even if you are getting away, you don’t have to leave cold water immersion behind,” he added.

Adam Swanson, co-founder of Kryo Cold Water Therapy, demonstrates one of the inflatable cold water tubs. The water was a chilly 11’C. (Gareth Dillistone / CTV News) The ability to take the tub anywhere has caught the eye of some pro sports teams, including the Edmonton Oilers, who are taking the Regina-based product on the road through their Stanley Cup Final.

Swanson was happy to play a part in the championship run off the ice.

“I’m not going to take away the credit from the Oilers,” he said. “But to see where they’re at now, it’s just really cool to be a part of it.”

“The smallest part of it,” Swanson added.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders built permanent cold tubs into their locker room at Mosaic Stadium.

Although it’s a stationary program for now, they have been testing out Kryo’s tubs for travel.

Some Riders’ players say they feel the benefits of cold plunges.

“I contrast hot and cold,” said receiver Ajou Ajou. “It gets the blood flow moving and keeps the legs fresh.”

“Coach says, ‘You only go as far as the body does,’” he added. Top Stories


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