A coroner’s jury has recommended tighter security after a 17-year-old girl fell to her death at the Conexus Arts Centre.

The inquest heard Jaidan Slaferek was drinking with two men at a house party when they decided to go explore the centre in January 2012.

Experts testified that Slaferek’s blood alcohol level was about four times the legal limit when she fell 12 metres from a catwalk above the main stage. The jury ruled Friday that the death was accidental.

Jurors also made several recommendations on how similar tragedies could be prevented. They include that security guards contracted by the centre check the IDs of people who look underage and are drinking at events.

The jury also recommended that there be a review of the number of security guards that are needed for days when multiple events are being held at the centre.

In addition, they recommended that all exterior doors at the centre and doors leading to the catwalk above the main stage be locked.

The girl’s father, Rick Slaferek, told reporters he was satisfied with the recommendations. Still, he said there should be some kind of consequences for people who provide alcohol to minors.

The inquest heard the Conexus Arts Centre had implemented additional security measures after the teen's death, including locking the elevators and doors leading to the catwalk.