Anyone with a pool is going to be popular this weekend at the Country Thunder Music Festival.

Daytime highs are expected to reach into the 30s and emergency crews are prepared to help keep festival goers safe from the heat.

“Fortunately, it will be great weather for the event, but remind everybody, consume a lot of water,” said Staff Sgt. Devin Pugh with the RCMP. “The humidex is going to be very high, risk of dehydration, especially if you’re consuming a lot of alcohol.”

Close to 20,000 country music fans will be in the Qu’Appelle Valley for the annual festival – many of them with partying on their minds.

EMS crews will be set up at both ends of Main Street for anyone needing assistance.

“With alcohol, it actually takes away from our ability to regulate our body temperature, so we ask that they keep themselves well hydrated because they start to become dehydrated out there,” said Belinda Mitchell, Emergency Services Coordinator for Country Thunder. “Some of the signs or symptoms can be masked by the alcohol consumption and we see patients’ conditions deteriorate quite quickly.”

While officials are encouraging festival goers to stay hydrated and be aware of the high temperatures, many aren’t too concerned about it, just yet.

“I’m hoping to tan,” said one attendee.

“Water is just not my style,” added another.

“You might have to mix in a Gatorade, but really the beer is what saves you,” stated another festival goer.

Country Thunder runs through Sunday near Craven.