A couple is suing the Regina-based construction contractor they hired to build their dream home, saying the project turned out to be a “nightmare.”

In 2013, Brad and Sharon Lenz bought a lot in Kronau and hired Crawford Homes to build a house on the property. But when the couple moved in that November, their dream home was far from perfect.

“Our dream house built by Crawford turned into a nightmare,” said Brad.

After years of dealing with the builder to get things done right, the couple launched a lawsuit against Crawford, which seeks $75,000 to cover the repairs the homeowners have already made themselves, plus damages.

A statement of claim lists 19 problems with the house, including issues in the basement and a laundry room that is the wrong size.

“This was supposed to be a gold standard for homes,” said Sharon. “Well, it ain’t gold. Sorry, but this is not gold.”

Crawford Homes owner Al Bashutski blames the low-lying lot for the issues with the basement of the home. He says the couple’s early move-in date and unwillingness to wait created more problems.

As for the laundry list of items that need fixing, Bashutski says it’s not that uncommon, and the company is willing to do the work.

“It’s pretty average, especially when you get rushed by the customer and you end up with a lot that they supplied,” Bashutski said.

However, the couple says they’re no longer willing to let Crawford enter the home to make repairs. Now, they’re hoping their lawyer finally can help make their retirement dream a reality.

Based on a report by CTV Regina’s Jamie Fischer