REGINA -- A Regina woman is helping residents learn how to save money, while also giving back.

Raiza Ocampo is known as the YQR Couponbae online, where she shows people how to save and sometimes even make money while shopping.

“I started doing the couponing here because I felt like oh groceries are kind of expensive I have a family now, so I had to look into how to do it, study the policies,” Ocampo said.

She used to live in the US and had heard about extreme couponing, but when she moved to Canada she decided she wanted to try to get extreme savings for herself.

Back in 2018, Ocampo started her Facebook page and started sharing her tips, tricks and deals.

She said if you want to become a super saver, it’s not as hard as you may think.

“Once you understand the concept of like price matching using coupons, uploading the receipt, studying the PC optimum offers you get every week, really anyone in Canada can do this," she said.

The super saver suggests downloading the Checkout 51, PC Optimum and Flip app to help you find deals along with get money back.

While she has a small stockpile of her own, Ocampo likes to use her talents to help support others in the community.

“When I saw the Community Fridge, I'm like, Yep, this is good. There's so many other people like me in the city, but they're just quiet and they don't want to make a big Facebook page, so it's really nice because I know that they are also involved in donating at the community fridge,” She said.

Ocampo says while it may be intimidating to get started extreme couponing, the savings will be worth it.