Fees are going up in courtrooms across Saskatchewan. The increase comes after a review of services by the Ministry of Justice.

The review looked into the actual cost of providing services such as issuing a summons for small claims court, processing applications for record suspensions, or photocopying documents and compared fees charged for similar services in other provinces.

The review found that while some fees have been revised over the years, many have not gone up since 1988.

“The introduction of new fees and changes to existing fees will better reflect the costs of the services being provided,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan said in a written release. “Consideration was also given to maintain a fee structure that won’t restrict access to the courts and low income individuals will be able to obtain fee waiver certificates.”

The new fees are outlined below and will take effect on July 1.


Changes to Small Claims and Provincial Court Fees in Saskatchewan by Saskatchewan Web on Scribd