Court heard closing arguments Monday in the first-degree murder trial of two people accused in the death of Ryan Sugar.

Sugar’s body was found in a burnt out house on McTavish Street in North Central Regina in October 2016, one week after a fire on October 5.

Colinda Hotomanie, Gregory Wolfe, and Jessica Pangman were all charged with first-degree murder in Sugar’s death in December of 2016. Hotomanie and Wolfe are currently on trial and Pangman will be tried at a later date.

In court on Monday, the Crown went over events leading up to the fire. Court heard Sugar was calling for help when the accused left the home after starting the fire, describing a scene of violence and panic.

The Crown ended arguments by telling the jury to consider all the evidence when determining how Sugar died and who was responsible.

The defence argued for a lesser sentence of manslaughter, telling the jury there was alcoholism and drug addiction involved in Sugar’s death. Hotomanie’s lawyer said that she’s not an angel and that she’s done some bad things , but added that she didn’t start the fire in question.

Justice Janet McMurty began the charge to the jury on Monday morning. It is expected to wrap on Tuesday morning before the jury will be sequestered for deliberations.