REGINA -- The court heard from witnesses and first responders during day two of the second-degree murder trial of a Saskatchewan boy.

The boy, who was 15 at the time of the incident, was arrested and charged in October 2018 in relation to the death of 16-year-old Erica Hill, better known as Eli or Eliza, at a house party on Cameron Street.

The accused boy cannot be named, under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


On Tuesday afternoon, witness Cyrus Campeau testified what he saw the night of the party.

Campeau demonstrated how he said the accused hit Hill in the neck.

“She kind of staggered a bit, she was holding her neck and looked confused herself,” Campeau said.

Campeau testified he noticed a cut on Hill’s neck and put a towel to the wound to try and apply pressure. He said Hill asked if she was going to be ok.

Campeau testified there were a lot people with knives at the party, including the accused. He said random fights kept occurring and some name calling led to Hill becoming involved.

Court was shown videos from the incident and Campeau confirmed where he was trying to stop the bleeding.


Joseph Trotter, an advanced care paramedic, said he remembered a lot of police officers on scene.

“She was unconscious, her eyes were open but there was no blinking or spontaneous restorations,” Trotter said.

Trotter testified EMS began CPR, but did not receive any positive response from the victim and determined she had died.

Constable Aaron Robertson also testified on Tuesday morning. Robertson was a forensic identification officer with the RPS during the incident and used a 3D laser scanner to produce a digital video rendering of the scene.

Robertson showed the renderings to court which showed the size of the basement and the distance between items in the basement.

More witnesses from the party are expected to testify. The trial is set to last at least three weeks.


One of the 14 jury members was excused for personal hardship on Tuesday. It brings the number of jury members at the trial down to 13.

Before the jury can start deliberations, one more member of the jury must be removed.