The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says a recent court decision ordering the Onion Lake Cree Nation to publish its financial documentsis a victory and re-enforces financial transparency for First Nations.

Last year, in June, Saskatchewan's Court of Queen's Bench ordered the Onion Lake Cree Nation to publish its documents as part of the First Nations Financial Transparency Act. On Monday, the province’s Court of Appeal upheld the decision.

"Grassroots people in Onion Lake Cree Nation have the right to know what is happening with the band's money," Todd MacKay, director at Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said.

Charmaine Stick has been in court trying to force the band to be more transparent with its finances.

"To know that, finally, a battle that's taken this long for not only for myself but also for First Nations all across Turtle Island," she said.

The First Nation could take the decision to the Supreme Court. For now, the taxpayers federation said Onion Lake must still comply with the court order.