COVID-19 viral levels in Regina’s wastewater have dropped to the lowest levels seen since the beginning of the Omicron wave and are now considered moderate, according to analysis from the University of Regina (U of R).


“Moderate essentially means we are at about 50 per cent of the maximum (viral levels) of the Alpha wave,” U of R molecular biologist Tzu-Chiao Chao said.

“We are now, for the first time, dipping below the highest levels of the Alpha and Delta waves, respectfully.”

Before the Omicron wave the highest levels were found in mid-December of 2020 and April of 2021, the U of R said.

According to Chao, Regina’s viral load has been on a “path to reduction” since May, but it has been fairly slow.

Based on patterns from previous years, and the fact that more people are spending time outside, Chao said he is hopeful the downward trend will continue. However, if previous years are any indication, levels could begin to increase in the fall “potentially driven by a new variant,” he said.

In its last weekly update, the provincial government reported 12 more COVID-19 related deaths in Saskatchewan.

The province also announced that weekly updates will end and shift to monthly updates, starting August 18.

Chao said the U of R does not have any plans to change its wastewater data reporting schedule in the foreseeable future.