REGINA -- Foot and bike traffic around Wascana Lake is now one-way as the park encourages physical distancing amid COVID-19.

Provincial Capital Commission CEO Monique Goffinet Miller said the decision was made in order to maintain two metres of distance between visitors to the park.

“People are used to their patterns and we’re having to work together as we learn these new days ahead,” she told CTV Morning Live Regina on Friday.

The main path around the lake is one direction starting Friday. There is directional signage on the path, as well as information and maps in the parking lots.

“We’re encouraging people to continue with their low-risk practices and their mental and physical health practices. If you can take a solitary walk in your neighbourhood, we’d really appreciate that,” Goffinet Miller, said. “But, there are those people that just love Wascana Centre and we want to make the environment as safe as possible for people.”

Goffinet Miller is also encouraging people to leave the main path and explore other areas of the park. But, she says people need to be respectful of wildlife and the park’s bird sanctuary if they choose to leave the main pathway.