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Coyote sightings may increase with warmer weather: City of Moose Jaw, Regina


As warmer weather hits the prairies, the Cities of Moose Jaw and Regina are encouraging residents to practice caution if they see a coyote.

In a news release from the City of Moose Jaw, they reminded people of the Coyote Control Program and said coyotes are losing habitat due to the city’s growth and expanding neighbourhoods.

“Coyotes are an important part of our urban environment,” said Daily Lennox, parks supervisor. “They are valuable for controlling unwanted pests in our open green spaces.”

In most cases, people should leave the coyotes alone and keep a distance, the release says.

People are encouraged to not feed wildlife, not leave food out in the yard, check on small pets when left outside, and clean up dog feces and garbage.

Attacks on people are very rare, according to the release, but a small pet could become a victim.

The City of Regina also provided a statement on coyote sightings.

“They are most often seen in fringe areas where prairie intersects city,” the statement reads. “We are aware of sightings and look for them but they have a large range. If they become trapped in a yard, we will remove and relocate.”

The statement said that coyotes are generally afraid of people, so don’t be scared to frighten them away.

They also encourage residents to keep their gate closed and keep dog food inside. Top Stories

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