REGINA -- Many producers across Saskatchewan still have crops on their fields after a challenging and difficult harvest season, the province's crop report says.

Farmers in the province have 93 per cent of crop combined, and harvest may continue depending on weather and field conditions. The report says producers are hoping to combine the remaining crops before winter arrives, but there might be some left out until spring.

Cold and wet conditions stopped harvest for several weeks and most crop is tough or damp. Aeration and drying continues on many farms during harvest.

Crop is most combined in the northeast region at 98 per cent, and least advanced in the east-central at 83 per cent.

Crop yields vary greatly across Saskatchewan, the report says, mainly due to a dry spring and then heavy moisture during growing season. Crop quality is below average for many producers due to sprouting, staining and bleaching.

Producers are busy trying to finish harvest, dry their grain, complete fall work and haul grain.

The province says the Farm Stress Line is available for producers who may be struggling through a difficult harvest at 1-800-667-4442.