REGINA -- The CTV News Decision Desk has projected a Saskatchewan Party majority government in the provincial election.

As of 1 a.m. Tuesday, the Sask Party was leading with 50 seats to the NDP’s 11 seats in the legislature. There are a total of 61 constituencies.

This is the fourth consecutive win for the party since forming government in 2007.

It’s also the first time Scott Moe has led the party to victory. Former Premier Brad Wall had been the party’s leader for its first three terms.

“We’re celebrating a big honkin’ election win,” said Moe while addressing supporters Monday night.  

“There is a long list of thank-yous that need to be handed over. Thank you to the people of Saskatchewan for placing trust with the Saskatchewan Party.”

The pandemic and the lagging economy will be the top issues facing the party as it forms the next government.

COVID-19 numbers have been rising in the province over the last few weeks, and questions remain over how the government plans to curb this.

Increases in COVID-19 cases, and potentially another lockdown, will likely exacerbate the already badgered economy – an issue Moe put front and centre during his campaign.

The Sask Party will need to navigate this as it aims to balance the budget by 2024.

Moe said the last few months have been difficult with the pandemic, acknowledging that challenges lie ahead.

“Thank you for controlling the spread of the virus,” he said. “We have the lowest unemployment in the country and recovery is well underway.”

Donna Harpauer, the former finance minister, said before the election that the government plans to have austerity budgets.

During the campaign, Moe said there won’t be cuts and that Crown corporations won’t be privatized.

With its win, voters can expect the Sask Party government to embark on a home renovation tax credit and a rebate for SaskPower electricity bills.

The party has also pledged to reduce small business tax to zero per cent, then raise it back to one per cent by July 1, 2022.

A list of all the Sask Party promises that were made during the election can be found here.

Moe said he acknowledged some voters are frustrated with the federal government.

In some ridings, particularly in rural areas, the Buffalo Party came in second place. The party, which is right of centre, wants Saskatchewan people to have a referendum on independence in the country.

“To those voters I want to say I hear you and this government hears you,” Moe said. “We share your frustrations and share objectives. We’re not happy with the federal government, either, and I will stand up for Saskatchewan as we have always done.”