Modern Mattress

Modern Mattress

Who we are:

We may have humble beginnings but we've always dreamed big. Our founders weren't just after creating another mattress store, they wanted to create a better sleep experience. We wanted to bring you the best sleep of your life and make it a decision you wouldn't lose any sleep over!

The journey so far:

Modern Mattress has been in business for over seven years. Our first retail store was opened in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Now we are bringing years of experience in the sleep industry to Yorkton, Moose Jaw and soon to be Regina in Spring 2022! We are here to provide our market with a better, more quality experience when shopping for a great night's sleep!

Our values:

Help people live better lives through quality sleep.

Sleeping - you'll spend up to over a third of your life doing it, and it's a critical part of your livelihood. With our large selection of quality brand-name products and accessories, and utmost convenience provided through carefully planned store policies, Modern Mattress is involved every step of the way by operating every facet of our business internally, resulting in complete customer satisfaction!