REGINA -- A Regina family is continuing their 50 year tradition of hospitality in Saskatchewan, with a new business venture.

The Danakas family ran Stats Sports bar for 40 years until losing their lease in 2019. They thought it was the end of that business until the old Brewsters location on Victoria Ave. east became available.

“I thought about it and I thought if I don't open a new Stats location, where is our family going to go?” said Mia Danakas Weinkauf.

The Danakas family has been treating customers like family for over half a century. It began when Peter and Voula Danakas moved to Regina in 1966 to manage the newly constructed Regina Inn.

“[Peter] was a person who loved to be involved with the community in Regina,” said Voula Danakas.

Since then, the family has managed some of the biggest hotels in Canada and hosted royalty and Prime Ministers.

They went on to manage the Prince Hotel in Toronto before returning to the prairies as owners of the Regina Inn.

“He had something to do a little bit with Pierre and Margaret [Trudeau]. When Margaret was coming and visiting, Peter would just hide them at the Regina Inn," said Voula.

Saskatchewan Artist Ward Schell worked as a waiter at the Regina Inn during the 1980s.

"It was military. You had a place to stand if you weren't busy. You had a posture to hold if you weren't busy and we were always busy," said Schell.

Ward’s training and attention to detail opened the door to unique experiences, including a run in with royalty.

"It's the Queen of England and in 10 minutes I'm going to be serving her a cocktail."

Peter Danakas passed away 15 years ago, but his photo is proudly displayed at the door at Stats, as a reminder of his dedication and the family tradition of customer service.