The daughter of Kim Walker says it was "hard to watch" a W5 story about the fateful day her father shot and killed her drug-dealing boyfriend nine years ago.

In an interview with CTV Morning Live's Chris Carr on Monday, Jadah Walker said she shed a lot of tears while watching the story, titled "Murder for Love," over the weekend.

"The 911 call was heart wrenching for me, it was really difficult to hear that," she said.

"It's something that I don't recall doing, I don't remember what I said, so it was definitely a time warp to hear that."

Jadah said the reenactment of the shooting of 24-year-old James Hayward at his Yorkton home in March 2003 was also difficult to watch.

"It was definitely graphic and I wasn't expecting that. I would have liked to have gone without seeing it," she said.

"I've lived through that and my father. Two people, that's enough to see that kind of horror."

Jadah said she and her family are "ecstatic" that her father could be released from prison as early as this spring.

"We're really excited," she said.

"We're buying him a canoe as a welcoming gift, welcoming him home, and we're just really looking forward to an amazing summer."

Last May, a jury found Kim Walker guilty of manslaughter in the death of Hayward.