REGINA -- A member of the Dead South has stepped down from the group following allegations of sexual misconduct.

In an open letter posted on their website, the Saskatchewan folk-bluegrass band said Danny Kenyon, a cello player and vocalist, is no longer with the group after they became aware of social media posts citing “sexual misconduct.”

“The Dead South, as a band, as a company, as individuals, and community members, is opposed to, and does not condone, harmful behaviour of any kind,” the letter reads.

Allegations naming Kenyon originally appeared on the Victims Voices Regina Instagram page on July 31.

The band apologized for the more-than two week response to the situation.

“We know that you have been waiting to hear from us, sorry it has taken some time and thank you for your patience as we have been processing the ongoing situation and trying to develop meaningful solutions,” the post said.

The Dead South said they are taking steps to be “part of the solution,” including supporting victims organizations, discussing the impact of their song “Banjo Odyssey,” implementing training for band and team members and creating a code of conduct to adhere to.

Kenyon is an original member of the group formed in 2012.