Demolition of the old CNIB building has come to a halt as the construction crew was given a stop work order from the city on Tuesday.

The city says the developer failed to obtain the correct permit for the work. Crews had already torn away the entire façade of the building.

Brandt is proposing a four-storey office building on the site.

This is just the latest in an already controversial project. Those opposed to commercial development in Wascana Park picketed outside the fenced area on Wednesday.

“They claim they didn’t need a permit,” said protester Florence Stratton. “The man who is running the show used to work for the city. That doesn’t seem very possible. They must have known, maybe they thought they could get away with it.”

The Provincial Capital Commission, which is controlled by the provincial government, has given the project the go ahead.

Brandt says they had the permission needed to clear the site.

“We’ve been working with the Provincial Capital Commission on the demolition,” said Brent Sjoberg from Brandt.

“It was identified on Tuesday by the city that we were also required a demolition permit from the city and their normal process is to issue a stop work order until that permit’s put in place.”

The City of Regina issued a statement late Wednesday afternoon saying there is no such thing as a demolition permit. It says demolition requires a building permit, yet Brandt is still finalizing their building design.

The issue now goes to city hall to see if demolition can continue on the building.

Based on reporting by CTV’s Wayne Mantyka