The justice minister released more details on Wednesday, on how a review of Saskatchewan’s Chief Coroner's Office will play out.

Former Saskatoon Police Chief, Clive Weighill, will head-up the investigation.

Weighill retired just a few months ago, after 40 years in Saskatchewan’s justice system. He spent much of that time working to heal wounds and rebuild relationships between Saskatoon’s police and Indigenous communities.

Weighill said he doesn’t plan at this time to re-open any specific cases handled by the Coroner's Office, but he would like to speak with people who have concerns about how specific cases were handled. "If anybody has a concern, I would like to hear from them. I will be reaching out to different people that have been serviced by the coroner's office to see what their views are."

The investigation comes after a lawsuit that alleged unprofessional behaviour by the province's Chief Forensic Pathologist, Doctor Shawn Ladham.

Ladham lost that court case, and millions of dollars in damages were awarded to the complainant. An appeal is going to be filed, but among the allegations leveled were suggestions of racist behaviour.

The government and the opposition are hopeful Weighill's investigation will sort out more detail on what may or may not have been going on.