REGINA -- Regina`s Dewdney Pool and Park have been given a new name that reflects the history of the community, according to the City of Regina.

Buffalo Meadows was selected as the new name of the pool and park. Members of Regina`s Indigenous community joined Lt. Gov. Russ Mirasty, Mayor Sandra Masters and council members to recognize the naming.

``When communities recognize the history of the area that they`re situated in, the people, the language and names that come with that, it’s very meaningful, for me on a personal level but also as the Lieutenant Governor for the province,`` Lt. Gov. Mirasty said.

The original name of the pool and park came from Edgar Dewdney, who was both the Indian Commissioner and Lieutenant-Governor of the Northwest Territories, and was involved in the establishment of residential schools in the area.

``Dewdney withheld rations from Indigenous people, `` Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway, co-founder of the Buffalo People Arts Institute. ``He really wanted to create an atmosphere of starvation and some of my ancestors actually starved to death.``

The land that eventually became Regina sits on Treaty 4 territory, land that was once roamed by thousands of bison also known as buffalo. The presence of the buffalo was crucial to Indigenous traditions and practices.

``It was a way of life devastated by settlement, the building of the railroad and industrial agriculture on the prairies,`` the City of Regina said in a news release. ``Not only does the buffalo represent resilience, it represents the need to bring communities together.``

The new name was proposed by a community group including the Buffalo People Arts Institute, North Central Community Association, Regina/Treaty Status Indian Services and more.