REGINA -- The gap between the provincial and federal governments hasn’t improved after Premier Scott Moe’s meeting with the Prime Minister on Tuesday in Ottawa.

The premier walked away disappointed with the response he received from Justin Trudeau on issues from eliminating the carbon tax to changes to the equalization formula.

“I’m not really terribly clear where Mr. Moe goes next,” Jim Farney, Associate Professor at the University of Regina, said. “On the political side, I think he keeps fighting Ottawa, but I’m not sure what the next ask would be.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has initiated talks of more autonomy from Ottawa for the Alberta government by creating their own provincial pension plan and police force.

Moe says Saskatchewan will be looking at its options for provincial autonomy as well.

“We haven’t discussed specific items as of yet, but I would say that all items are on the table when it comes to insuring that Saskatchewan is a strong province, a strong province within the nation of Canada,” Moe said.

The division created between the east and west since the federal election last month led to talks of western separation in Saskatchewan.

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron says western separation isn’t going to happen.

“We can’t stop them from making these comments, but we will say that we don’t support and inherent and treaty rights trump provincial law,” Cameron said.

Farney doesn’t see enough support for separation, but he believes a push for more provincial independence will continue.

“Not separation, but a lot more pressure for autonomy and it could look like the contemporary scene in Quebec actually where sovereignty is off the table, but a very strong view on provincial rights is the collective knowledge,” Farney said.

Premier Moe went to Ottawa looking for answers from the Prime Minister, but he has come back with questions about where to go next in the battle between the provincial and federal governments.