For many Regina residents, Douglas Park is a great neighbourhood to live in because of its proximity to Wascana Lake, but some are concerned about their safety after seeing vehicles speeding through the area.

The issue has escalated into a safety problem at the 600 blk of 18 Ave. E. and the street around Leibel Field.

Melanie Lutz has lived in Douglas Park for 20 years and said at any time of the day you can see a vehicle speeding down 18th Ave.

“I think it’s because of the width of the street, it’s a super wide street and they just feel comfortable and think it’s a race track,” said Melanie Lutz. “When I say highway speeds I am talking highway speeds all times of the day.”

Lutz said she is worried for her own safety and for others who live or visit the area. She said her former vehicle was totaled after a person was driving at an excessive speed, lost control and hit her car in her driveway.

She would like to see more enforcement in this area to get those who like to drive fast to slow down.

"How would you feel if you killed a child? Could you live with that? I have stopped vehicle on the street,” said Lutz. “I have yelled at vehicles, I’ve given them the bad finger, I wish I could move my house from my beautiful neighborhood."

The Regina Police Service said they do patrol the area but in May they will have more enforcement around Douglas Park.

"We do dedicate resources whether it's our traffic section,” said Insp. Cory Lindskog, Regina Police Service. “We have officers assigned to park patrol coming up in May that will work Friday nights, going out and dealing with some of these issues of people congregating and kind of getting ahead of it for the summer months."

The City of Regina said it has plans to install vehicle gates this spring at the entrance and exit of Leilbel Field's parking lot which will be closed at 11:30 p.m. until 6 a.m.