With Pride week underway in the Queen City, events are being held to honour and celebrate the LGBTQ community.

On Saturday, drag queens read stories to more than 50 children and their parents at the Regina Public Library Regent Park branch.

Tara Yanyk and her children, aged four and seven, attended the event.

"I just explained that the drag queen to them is a boy dressed up fancy like a queen and they thought that was very fun. They wanted to bring their crowns but they couldn’t find them," she said.

It’s the first ever story time in the city, with drag queens leading the way and sharing stories that encourage inclusion, self-acceptance and self-love.

"I think the younger we teach kids about LGBT plus that it just becomes more normalized to them that this is just how we treat people with respect and dignity,” Yanyk said.

“The positive attitude I think is the most important thing that these little guys will walk away with today…that we’re all the same. We are different in many ways…but still we are all great human beings,” Avaughna Sanoir, a drag queen at the event, said.

Due to the positive public turnout, organizers from the Regina Public Library say they will be planning to organize similar events in the near future.

“I think it’s really to connect with the community in new ways to be able to live those values of inclusion and diversity that the library holds very dear,” library branch manager Christine Pinkney said.

With files from CTV's Madina Azizi