Drivers are getting their rides ready to compete at the fifth annual Justinsane Barbie Car Classic in Ardill.

The race is made up of competitors in kid’s cars with plastic tires that have the motor, battery and gears removed. It costs $10 to register and helmets are required. Waivers are also signed and drivers must be at least 14-years-old.

"Pretty much no modifications are how we've told everybody. You can paint it; you can make it your own. But no modifications to the actual structure of the vehicle,” announcer/auctioneer with Justinsane Barbie Club Kari Wolitski said.

"My car, it's pretty much impossible to crash, which is good, that's why I’m never getting rid of it. It's the Mario Kart. It's just a wide wheel base and it's so low to the ground,” competitor Samantha Siebeneich said.

The race is held in honour of Justin Kowalski who was killed in a car accident more than five years ago.

"He would build a car that he could crash out of any old car. He liked pathfinders, and he would turn them into a rollbarred car, and he would go and he would jump anything,” Wolitski said.

Kowalski raced in car derby's himself and was known as someone who lived for the thrill, making this a fitting event in his honour.

"Every year he brings us a sunbeam or two throughout the day to prove to us that he's still watching,” Wolitski said.

The club raises money for youth recreation in Mossbank, its given money for new rink boards, to help the local pool, and has also donated $1000 to the Assiniboia arena.

This Saturday, will be the fifth year of the race. Last year 30 eager competitors took part.

"You just kind of cross your fingers and hope it goes okay. Because there is another person beside you that might make it difficult. So if they swerve in front of you and hit you, your race is done,” Siebenich said.