REGINA -- Electric scooters have become common in Canadian cities like Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa, however they remain illegal to operate on Saskatchewan streets and there’s currently no plan to change that.

Last week, the Regina Police Service issued a reminder that electric scooters and skateboards – like Onewheels and hover boards – are not allowed on public streets, sidewalks or park pathways.

The tweet sparked a debate on social media, with the Regina police fielding many questions about the ins and outs of the regulation.

Tyler McMurchy, a spokesperson with SGI, said he’s not aware of any plans to change the Traffic Safety Act and allow the motorized vehicles, though cities are allowed to make their own rules.

“…Municipalities are able to allow them or regulate their use on sidewalks and pathways,” said McMurchy.

Toronto has just backed out its scooter pilot program over safety concerns. Edmonton allows scooters on streets but is having problems with riders using sidewalks.

Regina’s mayor said both Regina and Saskatoon are considering pilot projects for 2022, but safety concerns persist.

“We have to work with the province and with SGI in terms of changing some of the traffic bylaws, but they move at such a speed that they are actually a bit of a danger to themselves,” said Sandra Masters.

Regina police will be monitoring streets and sidewalks for e-scooters this summer but plan to use public education for now. However, it is classified as one of the more serious traffic offences with tickets bringing a mandatory court appearance.