At just a few weeks old, five kittens living at Mercedes Benz of Regina might have used up one of their nine lives.

They were found Monday when one of the staff heard them in their recycling bin behind the dealership.

“It was more of a squeak than a meow, so I decided to investigate and sure enough I didn’t see anything outside the dumpster so I dove right in,” Lance Hextall said.

Inside were five tiny kittens. Now, they’re part of the Mercedes Benz family.

Val Schalme, one of the dealership’s accountants, volunteered to foster the litter. Because of their young age, they need to be bottle fed every few hours, meaning they tag along to the office every day.

“Everybody's just loving it,” Schalme said, “Everybody comes upstairs and visits them and brings their kids and their girlfriends and everybody.”

Schalme has volunteered with Regina Cat Rescue in the past. She contacted the non-profit group for support in caring for the kittens.

“This is the third litter of kittens we’ve found that will require bottle feeding,” Rachel Molnar said.

Molnar said the organization has taken in 20 kittens off the streets in the last four days.

While caring for five young kittens is a lot to take on, Schalme is purrfectly happy to take on the task. Her own cat, however, is not as enthusiastic.

“He took one look in the box and ran away and hid downstairs. Then, the next day, he took one look in the box and hissed at them. Now he’s just curious,” Schalme said.

The kittens are still young to be put up for adoption, but Regina Cat Rescue says once they reach 12 weeks old, they’ll be available to the public.