The cars in display in Regina on Saturday can go pretty fast, but there aren’t any horses under the hood.

Electric car enthusiasts had their rides on display to show what the technology can do.

“It’s to show that Saskatchewan people that it’s doable here, that there (are) a lot of people adopting this method of transportation,” James Dennis, city captain of Drive Electric Week, said.

There was a large collection of vehicles at the show, and owners had the opportunity to showcase the tech.

“It helps people come and actually see the next technology in vehicles that are going to take over,” said car owner John Klein. “People can go on ride-alongs and sit on cars that are very common elsewhere but haven’t broken into the main stream in Saskatchewan.”

Klein brought his Nissan Leaf, which he says is the perfect car for getting from one point to another. And if people want something a bit sportier, Klein says the Tesla is the perfect option.

From simplicity to driving a vehicle that doesn’t burn gasoline, everyone has their own reasons for driving electric cars. Whatever the reason, there was plenty of diverse technology on display.