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Emergency crews respond to crash along Highway 6 south of Regina


Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) said police and STARS Air Ambulance were on the scene of a crash along Highway 6 south of Regina Tuesday morning.

CTSS said a truck was attempting to pass another vehicle and lost control taking both into the ditch, which caused the truck to roll, trapping the driver.

According to CTSS, a member and volunteer firefighters driving by were able to get the driver out of the truck.

The driver suffered only minor injuries.

STARS also tweeted that they were dispatched for a scene call emergency in the Regina area.

Regina police said this was the third vehicle rollover reported to them in 30 minutes on Tuesday morning.

"The highways around Regina are extremely icy due to recent wind and snow," Regina police said on Twitter.

According to the Highway Hotline, Highway 6 south of Regina was reporting winter conditions including: swirling snow, drifting snow, icy or slippery sections and ice covered conditions in some areas on Tuesday morning. Top Stories

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