One of the most energy efficient airliners in the world is now serving Saskatchewan.

The arrival of the Q400 in the province was something for Air Canada to celebrate. 

It's one of the most energy efficient aircraft in world, consuming 30 to 40% less fuel than the small regional jets it replaces. 

"They're state of the art, propeller driven turbo prop, very nice aircraft, and very slick." says Jim Hunter from the Regina Airport Authority.

It looks like a Dash 8 but flies almost as fast as a jet.  There's only a 15 minute difference on a flight to Calgary.  And passengers say they could hardly tell the difference.

Air Canada has been flying the Q400 in Eastern Canada since 2011.  The Canadian built plane began service out of Calgary this week on routes to Regina, Saskatoon and Fort McMurray.   

Captain Sean Driscoll from Air Canada Express says he likes flying the aircraft.   

"It's a very efficient aircraft for the route.  It's fast and it's got 24 more seats on it that our jets do so we'll be able to move more passengers in and out so we're pretty happy about that."

WestJet has also ordered a number of Q400s and will begin taking delivery of those planes this summer.  It's an aircraft Saskatchewan could be seeing a lot more of in the future.