REGINA -- Podcast listeners have likely powered through every podcast in their regular rotation. Thanks to the pandemic, there’s been plenty of time. Now what?

It’s starting to warm up and you need something for your walk, drive to work or a safe outdoor getaway. Here are four podcast recommendations you can try right now.

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  • Average podcast length: 45-60 mins.
  • Hosts: Jason Bateman, Will Arnett & Sean Hayes.

Why you might like it:

These three hosts are so funny. We know Jason Bateman from hits like Ozark and Horrible Bosses. Will Arnett has that unmistakable voice from animated features like Lego Movie, Lego Batman Movie, or maybe you know him from Arrested Development where he co-starred with Bateman. He's Canadian, and proud of it. Sean Hayes is known for his iconic role as Jack in the NBC hit Will & Grace. These three had the time, they got bored, and they started a podcast and we're all the benefactors. Each week, one of these three brings on a guest that the other two don't know for an interview. Along the way they make fun of each other relentlessly.

Bonus: When it comes to podcast commercials, these three have a different approach. The live reads they do in this podcast are hilarious. Just try one ad and try not to laugh. Past guests include: Martin Short, Paul McCartney, Jennifer Aniston, Awkwafina, Billie Eilish and more. Needless to say they put their Hollywood Rolodex’ to work. If you don’t know what a Rolodex is, you might be too young for this podcast.


  • Average podcast length: 45-60 mins.
  • Hosts: You guessed it. Joe Buck & Oliver Hudson

Why you might like it:

People either love, or love to hate, Joe Buck. It feels like he's always cheering against your team on the broadcast, right? Say what you will, he's a quality broadcaster. Oliver Hudson is an actor. You perhaps saw him in Nashville or Rules of Engagement. He's also the son of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and brother to Kate Hudson.These two working dads and long time pals get together for this podcast. It's honest and engaging. They talk about being fathers with busy careers, their upbringings, lessons along the way, and they bring on friends to do the same. It's gaining steam, too, they just picked up a new contract to do the podcast. There's some colourful language in it, headphones are recommended.

Bonus: Oliver's stories about his parents are excellent.


  • Average podcast length: 45-60 mins.
  • Host: Bill Nye

Why you might like it:

You might learn something! Remember those videos your teacher used to put on in class to teach you about photosynthesis because Bill Nye (The Science Guy) could do it in an entertaining way and your old bio teacher just couldn't? Take that, put it on your phone in audio form, and eat it up. Bill Nye is himself, engaging, fun and it’s a call-in show so you actually get that interactive part, too. He tackles things like: how to outrun a horse or how to be happy.

Bonus: He can even help you understand COVID-19.


  • Average podcast length: 25-40 mins.
  • Host: Sidney O'Reilly, Terry O'Reilly

Why you might love it:

These are stories about the people hit along the highway to success. We know "Back to the Future" got made, but do most of us know anything about how it came to fruition? That's what this series explores. You're going to learn something about the inventor, musician, athlete or actor in focus in each episode, but you'll also be inspired to keep working toward your goal. This podcast, which just wrapped up it's first season and is set to launch a second, covers the journeys of people like Katy Perry, Tyler Perry, Larry King, Lisa Kudrow, even the inventor of the Dyson vacuum. Give a couple a try and you'll be hooked.