REGINA -- Court heard from two more witnesses about an Oct. 2018 party on Cameron Street where 16-year-old Erica Hill died, during a second-degree murder trial Wednesday.

This is the third day of the trial of a Saskatchewan boy who was arrested and charged in October 2018 in relation to the death.

The accused was 15-years-old at the time of the incident and cannot be named, under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

A 20-year-old woman recalled what she saw the night of the party. She said the party started with about 20 people, but people she didn't know started showing up and it quickly escalated to around 50 people. The woman said as the night went on, fights started to break out.

“Just a bunch of intoxicated teenagers just hanging out,” the witness said.

The woman said Hill started fighting a girl over a boy and the accused stepped in to defend the girl Hill was fighting.

A video shot on the witness’ phone showed the accused throwing punches and Hill is then seen laying on the ground while other people from the party beat up the accused.

The video showed the fight, then moved closer to the staircase and eventually Hill is seen on the ground.

“Erica was hurt,” the witness said. “She was bleeding from her neck."

“I went over to see if she was okay and she wasn’t.”

The woman said other people at the party began trying to stop the bleeding with a towel, adding the accused did not stick around.

Later on Wednesday morning, a 14-year-old girl appeared via CCTV and testified she went to the party with a friend.

Court was shown a recording of the witness’ statement to police. In it, the witness said they went to the party with two other people

The girl said the basement was full when she arrived and it was too dark to see who was who. She testified it was hard to see exactly what happened because there was so many people in the basement.

The witness said Hill was fighting with the accused, but didn’t know what it was about.

“All I had seen was just punches and then I looked away," the girl said.

The witness said after the accused hit Hill, she went to the ground fast. The girl said after Hill was on the ground she believes the accused ran out of the basement with a group of boys.

“I had just saw her laying on the ground and there was blood all over the ground” the girl said.

During cross examination, the witness said she remembered seeing knives at the party, but wasn’t sure who had the weapons.

The witness confirmed a video following the fight shown in court showed a person carrying what appeared to be a knife, but could not determine who the person was.

The crown decided to wait on two more witnesses and will instead have them testify on Thursday. The trial is set to last at least three weeks.