An Estevan mother is warning other parents after her young daughter picked up drugs off the ground and ingested them.

Chelsi Melle’s daughter, Addi, turned four on Monday and the family was gathered at the Boundary Dam Campground on Sunday to celebrate when the unexpected happened.

“In seconds she picked up a container she thought was white glitter, poured it on the golf cart seat and played with it," a Facebook post from Melle said. "Then tasted it. She instantly started spitting and we all jumping into action asking what she ate."

Melle said at the time of the incident, she along with her husband and in laws were standing on the campground road while their two children played close by. Addi started spitting and the family found a bottle with a profanity on the lid, and a white substance inside. The young girl found the bottle on the road.

After rushing her daughter to the hospital Melle said she was told the substance Addi ingested was meth.

“If something is wrong the answer is always to just come to emergency,” Emergency Physician Dr. Edward Crichan said. “Try and find out what the substance was, or if you have it on hand bring it with you.”

“It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them not to put it in their mouth,” Melle said. “When they’re three or four years old they’re kids and they’re just going to do it.”

Staff at Boundary Dam Campground where the incident occurred say they were shocked when they found out meth was on the grounds.

“I’ve camped here for over 20 years myself,” Maureen Daoust, manager of Woodlawn Regional Park said. “I have five children of my own and have always felt safe here. This is not a regular occurrence.”

The incident is under investigation by RCMP.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Cally Stephanow.